[RULES]Forum Rules


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    [RULES]Forum Rules

    Post  [Admin]Hare on Sat Feb 21, 2009 9:07 pm

    These here are the joining rules.
    If you want to join these forums you may not post anything sexual.
    You may not post porn. (ban)
    You shall not post anything abusive.
    Racist stuff is not aloud at all! (ban) EDIT: yes that counts Racist jokes!
    You may curse but try not to do it as much.
    You cannot spam or bot or else!
    Suggestions may be posted but as long as not cruel stuff.
    Limited to 2 accounts per person.
    You may advertise your private servers here, but ask a admin.
    You can post for help but please dont have it be very basic things.
    And Please, Please! Dont Go Too Close To The Pc!
    You may only get 2 warning before ban from the forums.
    Like i said before no spaming, but if you cant resist you may! but its going to be under general talking only! you may make a topic there but plz dont have it be only for spaming and/or bumping.
    and no page streching. if i hear about you page streching then i will get my team on you!
    Enjoy your time being! ~Crew Of GuuMS

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